Abstruse is built around the way it was created - passion. Sticking to what you believe in and striving towards what you are fighting for. If you have a dream, take the chance, and don’t look back.

Established in 2010, Abstruse has been solely run by one human. Fueled by the love of art and t-shirts, Eric Bryant independently designs and operates the brand. During his junior year of high school, Abstruse began as an idea and one t-shirt. Fast forward a few years of building support around the local Kansas City, MO area and supporting bands across the U.S., supporters began to spread. Sadly, many bands started to drop off from the Family but one did stick around - Artifex Pereo. Sharing immense passion for both music and clothing, Abstruse has proudly been brothers with Artifex Pereo to represent on stage since the early dawn of the brand. With love of artistic creation pumping through our veins, Abstruse has grown into a fully operating clothing brand and ships products to passionate people around the world.